Veterans Administration 2nd Floor Building 101 Feasibility Study

Feasibility Diagrams

Portland, OR

CZDS, in conjunction with William Wilson Architects undertook a functional study of the 2nd floor of Building 101 on the Portland VA Medical Center campus. This building is used as support space for the hospital campus as a whole, and includes physician offices, clinical leadership and support services, providing quick access to the Main hospital and other ancillary buildings. The final report illustrated potential locations of workgroups from around the campus onto the 2nd floor, and developed options to use the space more efficiently. Project goals to increase capacity for workspaces and workgroups, develop office standards more in line with VA standards, reduce accessibility challenges, improve adjacencies of workgroups and provide better wayfinding were addressed in the final report.  CZDS met with a number of workgroups on the campus which were in need of additional and/or improved office space.  Detailed studies of space utilization were undertaken, analyzing the best and most efficient use of the full 2nd floor of Building 101, expanding to additional space on the 1st floor.  Six optional layouts were prepared; each option addressed pros and cons in relationship to adjacencies, costs, and success in addressing accessibility and wayfinding improvements.

Architect: William Wilson Architects