True Private Wealth Advisors

Salem & Portland, OR

Our team was approached by a confidential start-up client in the final steps of securing an entire floor of a historic high-rise building in Salem.  The space has expansive views but was in poor condition; the client had an impossibly fast schedule to a pre-established Opening Date and it was a gratifying challenge to stay one step ahead of demolition and the contractor!

Our studio along with the Architect, Contractor and Owners worked together as an Integrated Team from the first day of design. Daily conversations, quick decision-making, common responsibility, fast design responses, a solid and inspiring design concept and flexibility in design kept the project on track. The Design Team provided a complete package from Schematic Design through furniture installation, respecting the historic building with a classic interior.

Two years later, we returned to provide the same design package to a new branch in Portland’s US Bancorp Tower with a more contemporary interior suited to the Portland client base.

Salem Architect: John Cava Architect