Made In Oregon – Portland International Airport, Concourse C

Portland International Airport
Portland, OR

The client’s mission for this renovation was to refresh the brand image, as well as maximize product exposure to increase customer traffic and sales. With an innovative design approach, this 950 square-foot retail venue elevates the level of design and quality of materials, improving the shopping experience while showcasing Oregon products in a fresh and dramatic fashion.

Sculptural trees overhead begin to tell the Oregon story with a fresh, contemporary element, while screening mechanical equipment and providing support for sparkling retail lighting. Serving as a backdrop for the point of sale, ‘Garden on the Wall’ showcases the rich greenery evocative of the Oregon landscape without the maintenance, irrigation or daylight requirements of a traditional green wall.

Designing more efficient displays to maintain product volume provided accessible circulation paths for travelers with luggage. Custom-built fixtures were designed to incorporate the use of sustainable materials, emphasizing the Pacific Northwest environment while highlighting the work of local makers.

The space speaks to users at multiple scales – the ceiling beckons from the concourse; the colors and textures of the display elements are calming complements to the products; the intimate landscape of the ‘Garden on the Wall’ draws travelers in for a closer look.


‘I think it is one of our best accomplishments in the company.  It turned out well beyond our expectations.’  Candace Vincent, Made In Oregon General Manager


Architect: MCA Architects
Cover Photo: Sam Tenney, Daily Journal of Commerce