Pacific Continental Bank

Eugene, OR

Relocated their new headquarters operations into a contemporary office building, Pacific Continental Bank wanted a traditional interior environment constructed of quality finishes and furnishings. In establishing their identity as a bank where customer service is valued above all, it was important that the interior design create a sense of permanence and tradition while providing support for the banking operations and privacy for customer transactions.

To achieve these goals, our firm designed a richly detailed, transitional style interior. It combines a custom-designed paneled cherry teller row with cherry furniture, natural stone, leather, textured fabrics and dense carpeting. A center light well with lighting fixtures suspended within recessed coffers, along with lamps at the teller row, soften the building’s contemporary overhead lighting.

The project involved a complete remodel of the lower floors of an existing tenant office building, locating the main banking operations on the first floor, and administrative and executive offices on upper floors.

Architect:  gLAs Architects, LLC