Marger Johnson McCollom Intellectual Property Attorneys

Portland, OR

Our firm provided space planning and design services for 17,600 square feet of space for patent attorneys – more than 60 personnel – to relocate their offices and to create a new corporate identity in the historic 1876 Centennial Building. The nature of the firm’s work, protecting new and innovative cutting edge technologies, is juxtaposed with their interest in preserving this historic building, and these extremes are reflected in the design of their newly updated space with a traditional character. By design, the atmosphere at MJM reflects the Pacific Northwest.

MJM was interested in creating an office environment which challenged the standard attorneys’ office status quo. While many private offices were located on the exterior window walls, the pattern of full height offices was broken by areas of open office space in order that the interior of the building also received natural light. Custom textured glass doors with wood surround were used on all private offices to allow both light and privacy when doors are closed. Attention was given to the main Reception and Conference Areas to meet the goal of open, multi-use and flexible space, incorporating Skyfold doors in the center of the large Conference Room so that with a flip of the switch, the doors would fold accordion-like into the ceiling, expanding the space from 2 rooms to one large one. In addition, passage doors into the Conference Room from the Entry/Reception slide to opposite sides, turn 90 degrees and stack against the wall, opening up the entire Entry/Reception/Conference into one large space.

New systems furniture was selected for the open office areas to meet functional, aesthetic and ergonomic needs. Custom furniture was designed by our team for the Conference Room, Entry and Reception Area.