Made in Oregon – Then and Now

Portland International Airport
Concourse D Proposal

The conceptual design proposal for Made in Oregon’s Concourse D location at Portland International Airport introduces a new historical focus on regions of Oregon which are reflected in the layout, merchandise, and display, differentiating this outlet from the Concourse C location.

The concept originates with the idea of a wagon wheel from the Oregon Trail, which forms the basis of design for the store ceiling and is reflected in custom displays. Manufactured from contemporary materials, but resembling the circular spokes of an old wooden wheel, this idea helps cement the blending of old and new Oregon in the store’s design. A subtle metal inset in the Oregon white oak flooring reflects the radiating circles of the ceiling above, visually guiding customers further into the space.

Featured product displays are showcased in niches around the perimeter of the store with imagery representative of the various industries and pastimes characteristic of Oregon. The point of sale desk features a ‘Garden on the Wall’ installation, which takes the shape of an Oregon map, using vegetation to identify the diverse topographical regions of Oregon’s coasts, valley, mountains and high desert.

While the space references the story of the state’s past, the overall appearance of the store is current and reflective of new products and interests.

Architect:  MCA Architects