Ivy City Homes

Portland, OR

This innovative 28-unit townhome project sought to seamlessly incorporate mixed-use and mixed-income condominiums into inner Northeast Portland neighborhoods along Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The property was owned by the Portland Development Commission after a significant cleanup effort of environmental contamination from a previous user.  CZ|DS Principal Linda Czopek played two roles – leading the interior planning and design team, while also being a member of the development team.

The contemporary building was designed to establish an inviting townhome condominium development that feels and lives like a home, providing a favorable, affordable option to the single family homes typical of the neighborhood. The units facing MLK Blvd. were designed as live-work spaces to provide an affordable opportunity for owners to combine small business and residence. The development team partnered with Portland Development Commission to study and develop this new approach for the area.

CZ|DS participated in all preliminary planning sessions, and worked closely with THA Architecture to design the interiors, as the building form and program requirements progressed.  The CZDS  team prepared preliminary unit layouts as the overall building form was developed, generating multiple concepts which tested how the units could address a variety of owners, as well as intriguing ways to provide a combination of living and working for small business enterprises.  CZ|DS was responsible for the design of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, as well as architectural finishes, lighting, and hardware.  Based on a range of flexible layouts, our team prepared electrical and lighting plans for each unit type.

Architect:  Hacker Architects
Rendering:  Hacker Architects