Corbett Crescent Condominiums & Townhomes

Portland, OR

A 55-unit, 7 building housing development project completed in 2007. Our firm provided consulting and full interiors services from the start of the project. Scope of work included design development of plans for both townhomes and flats, on electrical and lighting design, and selection of appliances, plumbing fixtures and hardware, in addition to design and contract documents for casework and interior finishes. This project included a mix of 1400 sf  two bedroom, two bath townhomes, and 1500 sf two bedroom, two bath flats along with four 1900 sf penthouse units. Attention to the surrounding neighborhood in the SW Portland Terwilliger-Lair Hill neighborhood, and an understanding of finishes and attributes responsive to potential buyers in this neighborhood were an integral part of the research and approach to the project.