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Center for Architecture

Portland, OR Our firm was invited by the American Institute of Architects  Steering Committee to provide input on the interior planning and design for this new $2 million, 5,500 sf central facility for the Portland chapter as it relocated its offices into a vacated one story historic building in the Pearl District. We worked with the design team to provide offices, […]

Metro Regional Center 2014 Master Plan Report

Portland, OR In 2014, Czopek Design Studio was selected to work with Metro to develop a master plan for the Metro Regional Center (MRC) which created a strategy that could be used to provide a more flexible, efficient, accessible and sustainable workplace, and one based on clear and equitable standards. The study will be used to guide investment in the physical […]

True Private Wealth Advisors

Salem & Portland, OR Our team was approached by a confidential start-up client in the final steps of securing an entire floor of a historic high-rise building in Salem.  The space has expansive views but was in poor condition; the client had an impossibly fast schedule to a pre-established Opening Date and it was a gratifying challenge to stay one […]

Veterans Administration 2nd Floor Building 101 Feasibility Study

Portland, OR CZDS, in conjunction with William Wilson Architects undertook a functional study of the 2nd floor of Building 101 on the Portland VA Medical Center campus. This building is used as support space for the hospital campus as a whole, and includes physician offices, clinical leadership and support services, providing quick access to the Main hospital and other ancillary […]

City of Portland 2013 Space Evaluation Study

Portland, OR To support informed decision-making as well as better overall utilization and allocation of office workspace, this 2013 report was compiled showing the results of the most recent review of 620,000 sf of City of Portland-owned office space including The Portland Building, City Hall and the 1900 Building, and 91,000 sf of office space leased from private owners and […]