Linda Czopek

CZ|DS Founding Principal, 1986

Bachelor of Design in Interior Design, College of Architecture & Fine Arts, University of Florida, 1973

As a founding principal in 1986, Linda leads the studio’s work in the office, higher education, housing and government sector. She brings an in-depth knowledge and interest in the design of the office environment, skill in leading complex information-gathering exercises, and she likes understanding connections and relationships which occur when combining experience in the work environment with learning, living and healing spaces.

As a former Board and Executive Committee of the Architecture Foundation of Oregon (AFO), Linda enjoyed participating in their Architects in Schools program; and as a long-term member of the Third Angle New Music Board, she was responsible for challenging the group to begin their Frozen Music series of performances focusing on the relationship between music and space.

Linda’s professional experience began in architectural offices in South Florida, and includes a five-year association with the Oregon School of Design as Acting Director, Director of Marketing and educator.


Jen Pucillo, LEED AP, EDAC

Bachelor of Interior Architecture, School of Architecture & Allied Arts, University of Oregon, 2005

CZ|DS – 2005 to present

Jen has been involved in developing many types of interior environments ranging from higher education, office & space planning, to sacred spaces and feasibility studies. Through her project work, she has developed an interest and expertise in social service design as is witnessed by her work with Home Forward on the innovative and award-winning LEED Platinum-certified Bud Clark Commons, providing a dignified and stable space for the city’s most vulnerable residents.

As an Evidence-based Design Accredited (EDAC) professional, Jen’s work is often based on research. Her varied project experience for clients ranging from Metro, the City of Portland and Bonneville Power Administration (focus on highly flexible interiors) to Portland Community College, Oregon State University and University of Oregon (learning environments with advanced technology) have all informed her development of interiors.

Jen’s interest in sustainable design has been put to the test in creating interiors for LEED gold, silver and platinum projects as well as those which are LEED-equivalent (higher education) and meet G-rated Standards (City of Portland).

As part of her commitment to living and designing sustainably, Jen sold her car over 2 years ago and has relied on our City’s amazing mass transit system in addition to carpooling and car sharing programs, like Car2Go and Zip Car.


Janice Schorr Meyer, EDAC

Bachelor of Arts, School of Architecture & Interior Design, Kent State University, 1995

CZ|DS – 2002 to present

Janice has a great eye and mind for problem solving and organizing. She has worked closely with several of our government clients including the City of Portland and Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). The variety of office environments has included semi-industrial renovations, offices for the City’s BES Controlled Sewer Overflow Eastside offices, and the country’s 100th LEED-certified project on BPA’s Ross Complex in Vancouver, Washington. The BPA Control Center, Hangar and field offices have also benefited from her participation. Janice’s patience and attention to detail are critical components on projects which have ranged in size from small to multi-phased design, space planning and move management for over 900 personnel moves.

Janice’s experience with architectural wayfinding and signage design was put to use for Fresno County’s Juvenile Justice Delinquency Courts paying attention to architectural materials used to help support wayfinding as well as the programming and design of signage throughout the building. For PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend, Janice was involved in the programming and design of signage throughout the new facility.

Amber Turner

Bachelor of Interior Architecture, School of Architecture & Allied Arts, University of Oregon, 2015

CZ|DS – 2015 to present

Amber joined the CZ|DS team shortly after graduating and immediately put her skills to use working on a wide range of projects including development of an interior design conceptual  package  for a Portland Airport venue, detailed renderings for a new residence located on the Oregon Coast, and material palette development for the new 942 Olive Innovation Center in Eugene.

Amber’s joy of design is rooted in her curiosity to understand and explore connections in our built environment.  She thrives in working on projects that range in scale, from detailing stair treads for a floating stair to documenting a large scale landscape plan for the 22-unit Corbett Crescent Condominiums.