Linda Czopek

CZ|DS Founding Principal, 1986

Bachelor of Design in Interior Design
College of Architecture & Fine Arts, University of Florida, 1973

As a founding principal in 1986, Linda leads the studio’s work in the office, higher education, housing and government sector. She brings an in-depth knowledge and interest in the design of the office environment, skill in leading complex information-gathering exercises, and she likes understanding connections and relationships which occur when combining experience in the work environment with learning, living and healing spaces.

As a former Board and Executive Committee of the Architecture Foundation of Oregon (AFO), Linda enjoyed participating in their Architects in Schools program; and as a long-term member of the Third Angle New Music Board, she was responsible for challenging the group to begin their Frozen Music series of performances focusing on the relationship between music and space.

Linda’s professional experience began in architectural offices in South Florida, and includes a five-year association with the Oregon School of Design as Acting Director, Director of Marketing and educator.


Kelly McDougall

CZ|DS Senior Designer | Collaborating Partner

Bachelor of Science in Construction Science
College of Architecture, Texas A&M University, 1994

For the past 25 years, Kelly has worked in the construction and design fields, diversifying her resume and building a unique technical skillset. Originally joining Czopek & Erdenberger in 1998 as a Senior Designer, Kelly was involved in a variety of projects from multi-family housing to higher education working with both private and government clients. As a Project Engineer for the Natt McDougall Company, her resume expands to include many in-water and near water works such as dams, floating surface collectors, and fish ladders. Branching out on her own, Kelly has designed and managed the construction of several residential projects and started her own business, Kelly McDougall Design Services. Reconnecting with Linda in 2019, they have recently collaborated on several design projects including The Grove and Round Lake Lodging at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. Earlier collaborations include Oregon State University’s McNary Dining Hall, Bonneville Power Administration, City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, Corbett Crescent Townhomes, Emrick Beach House, Seven Feathers Truck & Travel Center, Oregon Health & Sciences University, and the Original Taco House Restaurant Renovation. Kelly believes good design begins with a practical understanding of the construction process, an inherent ability to read architectural plan sets, and a desire to resolve issues as they may arise for the betterment of the total project.