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Established in 1986, our studio is a creative and innovative team of interior designers and planners whose core team members have been together for more than a decade. With a foundation in architectural interiors, our focus revolves around how interior spaces interact with the people living and working in them.

We collaborate with owners, architects and developers on a broad spectrum of Interior environments, encompassing the design, detailing and master planning of spaces of all sizes and types:  work, learning, living, healing, hospitality and sacred. Through education and experience, we have learned to be comfortable with uncertainty and complexity, and embrace exploring the process of discovery, translating meaningful ideas into meaningful environments.

Our firm is organized as a studio practice which fosters exploration – we have evolved a process of investigation that includes work sessions to explore desired outcomes. Through brainstorming, use of imagery and hands-on exploration, we help our Clients develop solutions that are uniquely in agreement with their individual philosophies, the identity of the community served, appropriate to the building architecture, maintainable and fiscally sound. Our team will utilize our knowledge, interest, research and experience in the design of each interior environment.

In a world of large scale planning and detailed decisions, we are able to see the forest AND the trees.

We are a Women-Owned Business (WBE) registered by the State of Oregon.