Frozen Music

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Third Angle New Music Frozen Music Concert series
How does a practicing interior designer/non-musician get deeply involved with a contemporary music organization?  Show up at a few concerts because they seem intriguing.  After all, questions asked by those making new music are very similar to questions asked by the design and architecture community – how does one make something relevant to our time?

 Attend a few more concerts, get excited about an all-percussion concert (having never heard of such a thing) and buy tickets for the entire office and their families.  Beware – that act can lead to an invitation to join the board of a struggling young arts organization.

 Sparked by a challenge grant from long term Board member Linda Czopek and her firm to create a concert exploring the connections between music and architecture, in 2005 Third Angle’s Frozen Music concert series was born.  An exciting opportunity for a concert, but what did it mean?  A community of designers, architects, choreographers, composers, musicians, writers and others involved in the arts gathered to figure that out, and now the third concert in the series occurs in early October!

For more information about the concert, please read Linda’s full blog at