‘Citizens of the World’ – Part I

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We believe that as designers, planners, and makers we have a responsibility to look beyond our computer, our office, and magazines to find inspiration.  Our office is full of travelers and the series “Citizens of the World” hopes to share a little of the wonder and inspiration that we have recently experienced.



In 2010, a small group of friends, musicians and supporters accompanied
Third Angle New Music Ensemble (3A) to China when the ensemble was
invited to play at the Beijing Modern Music Festival and to participate in
events with the Oregon Governors Trade Mission.

2010 Great Wall of China_475wide

Great Wall of China (2010)


2010 Fuzhou Czopek_475wide

Fuzhou (2010)


2010 Tongli near Suzhou Czopek_475wide

Tongli (2010)


2010 Summer Palace_475wide

Summer Palace (2010)


2010 Beijing temple Czopek_865wide

Beijing Temple (2010)